Dry cleaning standards and quality workmanship are very much like clothing designers who make them, and the retailers that sell them: so often, you get what you pay for. If you consider the investment you make in your clothing shouldn't the quality of your dry cleaning be of equal importance?

At Nicholson Cleaner we try to take the time to make it perfect the first time. We box delicate cashmere sweaters in acid-free tissue paper at no extra charge. We’ll fold or hang your golf shirts— however you prefer. Cotton and linen shirts and blouses all get cardboard reinforcements in the collars so they stand up perfectly.

But it’s more than just that: if we notice loose hems, missing buttons or a split seam during our inspection, we’ll repair your garment at no charge— because you want it to be ready to wear when you pick it up.

We believe that’s how it should be. There’s are cheaper choices, certainly. But there is no smarter choice in Nashville than Nicholson Cleaners! Trust us for the look you want.

Shirt Service

To find out how much better your laundered shirts can look and feel then bring them to Nicholson Cleaners. We have a new starch formula that will give your 100% cotton and polyester-blend shirts a crisp look and comfortable feel.

We check for any missing, cracked or chipped buttons and then carefully replace them— free of charge! We also have the most modern pressing technology, with extended capacity to handle any size shirt without problem.


When you experience the Alteration Dept of Nicholson Cleaners You will feel like you are in an upscale Tailoring Shop! You will realize that we are so much more than just repairing seams and hemming pants! Although we can do any type hem you require and do it beautifully, We can do so much more! Whether it’s a repair you need or a major adjustment, You won’t find a better fit than our experienced tailors

Come in anytime and we can service your needs.

Household Items


At Nicholson Cleaners, we know that the fabrics you choose for your home are as important as those you put on your body. That’s why we offer a full range of household fabric cleaning service, so your high-quality table linens, bedding, draperies, and other fabric housewares stay in beautiful shape and have a long life of service to you. 

Table Linens

From new designer tablecloths, place-mats, napkins, and table runners, to delicate vintage and family heirloom lace, you can be assured Nicholson Cleaners will give your linens the very best care with brightening and expert stain removal. Keep table linens looking new and have peace of mind without having to wash and press them yourself. Our experienced staff understand proper treatment of stains and the characteristics of delicate fabrics. At Nicholson Cleaners, we treat each item with the care it needs and the respect it deserves, delivering excellence you and your guests are sure to admire.

Maintaining clean, attractive and comfortable bedding is a huge job. Most home washing machines are not big enough to wash full-size or larger comforters, and cannot adequately fluff fine downs and reduce harmful allergens. Comforters, blankets, duvets, pillows and sheets respond much better to our professional touch and expert equipment. Experience the fresh difference of Nicholson Cleaners in Nashville. You’ll take comfort in knowing your linens are being done right— and delight that you’re not the one having to deal with them!

Fine Linens

Our gentle care brings lasting elegance to fine household linens. We box all napkins with a gentle fold so they are ready to use at a moment’s notice. Fine tablecloths are hand finished and can be either hung or rolled. The roll will ensure no creases when it comes time to use the linen. You can expect the excellence that you and your guests are sure to admire.

Wedding Gowns

Your wedding gown is a beautiful reminder of your special day. It may someday be the treasured gown of your daughter or granddaughter. Our wedding department can fully service your special day. We can press or steam your gown and veil and deliver to your designated location. We can start with fittings for the bride, the bridesmaid, and even the mother of the bride.
We can press, clean, and after your special day we have several options on what to do with your gown:

  • Always clean your gown immediately after wearing to protect from permanently staining.
  • For temporary storage, we recommend and use a muslin bag. This is highly recommended for natural silks.
  • Your wedding gown can be preserved in an archival quality box to protect it from the elements and the effects of time itself.

Wash & Fold


Doing your own laundry can be drudgery, and your time is better spent doing other things like, say, living your life. Let us do the dirty work for you!

Laundry— picked up and delivered back to you neatly folded and ready to wear with a freshness you will appreciate— is a sumptuous luxury that’s worth every penny. And when you consider the time it will free up for you, it’s very affordable.

Deluxe Services


Nicholson Cleaners has earned a reputation for applying the highest level of care in cleaning even the most precious apparel. From wedding gowns to theatrical costumes, we are entrusted with some of the area’s most delicate fabrics! The Tennessee Performing Arts Center, Nashville Ballet, Tennessee Reportory Theatre, and many others all call Nicholson Cleaners when they need their priceless garments cleaned. Because we are confident that we can clean your special garments also, we have created our Deluxe Services.

For those who demand perfection in every aspect of their life, we can treat any garment as we would a priceless gown. We thoroughly inspect the item for stains, any needed repairs, and buttons before it is cleaned. We also measure for exact dimensions to ensure your garment comes back exactly as you sent it. All pressing is done by hand and inspected by a trained professional. All items are packaged individually, sleeves are protected by acid-free tissue paper and collars are enhanced with a cardboard form to stand up beautifully until you are ready to wear your garment. This service is available for all your items or just those that are special to you.