Custom Deluxe

We invest so much money into what we wear. Because what we wear usually helps convey a part of who we are or want to be presented as. It's a way to express ourselves and some of us spend and invest a lot of money into our apparel. That's why we offer our Custom Deluxe service for your expensive, high-end, and/or extremely delicate items. Items like St. John Knits, Armani, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Prada, etc. Our Custom Deluxe service is like having a personal assistant for your clothing.

From the moment it comes into one of our locations we inspect the garment to insure there are no stains, tears, holes, etc. We then will measure the item to make sure that after the cleaning process it remains the same size. After it is inspected it is then sent to be cleaned with the appropriate care. After the first cleaning it is re-inspected to make sure all stains are removed, beads are intact, and that it is ready to move on to the next process. If it is ready it is then taken to the pressers where they will either press, or steam the garment depending on the type. Once it is pressed it is inspected for the last time to insure the cleaning and pressing is perfect and then remeasured to make sure it is the appropriate size. It is then bagged or box depending on the garment and at that point it is ready for pick up.

You may ask how is this any different from having it cleaned regularly? It's very much the same idea as Daycare for a child verses a personal Nanny. In daycare your child is taken care of with many other children. Treated with love and definitely cared for but a personal nanny will be able to focus on your child only. Giving them their undivided attention. Your high end items need that special care. We want you to be able to trust your valuable investments with us. The convenience of having one location to come to and drop all of your clothing to be cleaned will save you time and in the end save you money.

Our Route customers are not excluded from this service. You can specify with note in your bag or by letting your driver know and they can give you a special bag just for your Custom Deluxe items. 
So, the next time you bring in your high end items or any item you think needs special attention just ask for Custom Deluxe Service. 


Thank you for your time & business,

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Content provided by Linda Say
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